Monday, June 10, 2013

Comrades - How should one train?

Comrades Guide # 2 - How should one train?

In my last post, I mentioned my current training plan is insufficient for a run like Comrades.  If that is not enough, what is the right training plan?

With two consecutive Comrades DNF, I am no expert but I do feel the training should be different.  The net has lots of detailed training plans including in the Comrades site.  Here are few things I should have done in addition to my existing training regiemen. (which is no two days missed, 10k per run, 50 per week and few of marathons sprinkled in between)  Here are three things I would add to the training mix.  When I put them down, they make perfect sense but I didn't do them and paid the price for it.

  1. Hill runs - Both Up & Down - Chennai is as flat as it gets and the only hill runs I did was the flyover runs.  Lately, I did start going to St. Thomas Mount hill, but those were not sufficient.  Need to put hill in the training mix and got to do it weekly.  Downhill is as important as the Uphills.  I was quite comfortable walking the Uphills but got severe cramps during downhills.
  2. Long Runs - I did 8 marathons between the two Comrades but never ventured beyond 50k. That is simply not enough.  I should have trained my body for longer runs and trained the legs for standing up longer hours (13 - 14 hours in all).  This, I feel is one of the reasons I cramped past halfway mark and 6 hours. 
  3. Cross / Core Training - I started doing some cross training in the form of core workouts and swimming late in the game but more is required.  In particular, got to work on core a lot more than what I did.  Two days a weeks should be devoted to core.
Net, I couldn't wing Comrades with my running routine as I do the marathons.  I registered for the Geneve Marathon in the last week and ran it comfortably under 4:25.  But Comrades is a different ballgame, it requires commitment and discipline right from the get go.  Got to train more and train differently.  After all, it is the ultimate human race.. Run it yourself to experience

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