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Travelogue #56 - Swiss Diaries - Lac de Sauvabelin

Travelogue #56 - Swiss Diaries - Lac de Sauvabelin

I looked around for a new place to explore in Lausanne and zoomed in on Lac de Sauvabelin.  What I read about it including the wooden tower made me curious to get out there for a run.  Here is that story.

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Though it was only about 3K from my hotel, I decided to take bus as I wasn't sure of the route.  The hotel guy told me to take #3 bus and just walk to the lake.  But, a young kid in bus #3, advised me in spotty English to take bus #16 to get right to Lac de Sauvabelin.

His directions were perfect.  He asked me go to the 'smaller' bus stop and wait for bus #16 and even looked up the bus timing on his mobile phone.  And boy, the bus came on time.

Lac de Sauvabelin is big park up the hill with plenty of rolling trails for running.  The highlight of the park though is this spiraling wooden tower.

This spiraling wooden tower is about 35 meters tall and provides a breathtaking view of the Lake Geneve, Lausanne and its surroundings.  The entry is free and the place was desolate.

Here is a short of video of yours truly huffing & puffing to the top.  I did see a 'runner' doing hill training on these unforgiving stairs.  While I was there, he climbed up and down at least three times and was going strong.  You see glimpse of him in the video.
After soaking in on the nature's gift, trekked my way down back to the hotel.  As anticipated, got lost but that got me my 10k for the day and that made a happy camper.

More photos of my trek to Lac de Sauvabelin here

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