Friday, May 10, 2013

Movie Marathon @ 37000 feet

For the first time in many of my recent long haul flights,  I saw three very different movies.  I had originally planned to catch up on some work and get some sleep in my Emirates flight from Geneve to Dubai.  But the airline had refreshed its entertainment offering and I ended watching movies doing neither of things I had planned.

Emirates, perhaps has the best on-board entertainment called ICE (Information, Communication & Entertainment) that offers plenty of choice even in the 'cattle' class.  Recently, I have been getting my Hollywood fix via ICE and my today's non-stop kondattam was two Hollywood and one Bollywood movie.

The Last Stand - This must be Arnold Schwarzenegger's come back movie after his california political stint. Masala to the core and not much to write about... Watch only if you have nothing else to do.. you would end up wasting time anyways.

The Guilt Trip - A comedy released last year.  This movie is about a road trip that mother and son take together across USA and their discovery about each other.  Enjoyable and touching at places though predictable at times.  Watch it if you are in the mood for a decent flick and want to feel time well spent.

Oh My God (OMG) - Of the three movies, I liked this the most.  I am not an Akshay Kumar fan but this movie was refreshingly different.  This is about an atheist who sues God for destroying his shop in a earth quake.  Though my Hindi is 'Ek Gaon mein ek kissan rahta tha'.. I thought the dialogs were pretty incisive and thought provoking.  The movie doesn't tell you if there is God or not.. But says enough to make you think and come to your own conclusions.  Regardless of your belief in God, if you believe in Good movie.. see this one.

Now off to Chennai.. where it is 'Semma hottu machi'..

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