Saturday, May 18, 2013

Axis Bank - Stop the harassing calls

The headache of harassing phone calls from Axis Bank started about a month and hasn't stopped till this post.  Axis Bank's agents call me everyday asking why we haven't paid the credit card dues that aren't dues to start with.

For the first few days, I politely explained the reason.  After that I started avoiding the calls.  But the calls continue and seem to have gone to the next level.  Earlier the calls were from their Hyderabad call center, so I started avoiding unknown calls from area code 40. But now the calls come various mobile numbers and speak in Tamil. I worry if these guys are squatting near my home and tracking our movement.  Their next step could be to knock our doors or even confront us in our own neighborhood when we step outside.

It all started with Sita losing her credit card in February and blocking it within 48 hours.  But the crooks needed only 2 days to splurge several thousand rupees on games software and god knows what else.

Then we went through lot of hassle to dispute the charges which included filing a police complaint and whole lot of other formalities.  Axis Bank told us that the dispute would take 120 days to resolve.  If resolved in our favor, the charges would reversed, else we would have to pay the disputed charges including the the exorbitant interest.

While the charges are under dispute, Axis Bank started charging interest and at some point last month, flipped our account to a collection agency.  Since then, I am getting increasingly annoying calls asking me to explain why I haven't paid.

If Axis Bank is listening.. Here is a message to you..
We have been your customer for over 10 years and with good standing.  Please stop the harassing phone calls immediately.

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