Saturday, February 23, 2013

Have you played the Game Krishna?

Deepam @ Olcott on Feb 23, 2013

Thanks to Vinayak, got introduced to a new game called 'Krishna' today... Have you heard of it before?

 It's played like this.. Kids stand around in a circle and the coach at random calls out a student to pose like 'Krishna', immediately the student should stand like Krishna and the kids next to them should stand like 'praying' Krishna.

The trick is to play this game at fast clip and eliminate people who don't play their roles immediately.

 Interestingly boys were the ones to got eliminated first.. Girls won the game.. and there was celebrations all around.

In the English session we covered Interrogative Pronouns.. We broke the class to smaller teams and had one Volunteer Teacher for 5 - 6 kids.  Volunteers and the kids are finding this useful as we are able to better manage and interact the with the students better.

The key to smaller teams is volunteers, we need more of them to help the kids more.... Can you spare 4 hours every Saturday to share and learn?  Yes, by sharing what we know we not only give but also grow..

More Deepam here @ Olcott pictures here

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