Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Halfway Mark

Most of you know that I am running London Marathon for charity with a goal of raising GBP 2000 for Leonard Cheshire Disability.  Today, I am glad to report reaching the halfway mark on that goal.  And for that, a BIG Thank You from the bottom of my heart for your help in getting me there.  I know, the 'other half' is still out there to be crossed but with support of people like you, I am confident of the reaching that goal.

I took to running one marathon a year for charity couple of years back and you guys have assisted me in the endeavor.  Inshallah, I would make this an annual pilgrimage of sorts till I die.  

But, before I think of future marathons for charity, I need to raise GBP 1000 more to reach my target.  That's where I need your help.  Please take a moment to donate.. Every Rupee / Dollar / Pound counts.  If you have already donated, please spread the word with your friends and help me achieve the goal of raising GBP 2000 for Leonard Cheshire, which is working for a society where everyone is equally valued. 

To donate.. please go here

Here is the list of folks who have helped me get to the halfway mark.  Thank You guys.. glad to have friends and well wishers like you..
  1. Annonymous (2)
  2. Srikumar Rangarajan
  3. Kris Kumar
  4. Naren Krishnan
  5. Bharani Shivakumar 
  6. Ravi Subbaraman 
  7. Pottumarthi Prasad 
  8. Kodandaraman Venkataraman 
  9. Shirtless... (Mani Krishnamurthy)
  10. Kris Muthusamy 
  11. Revathi Subramanian
  12. Yeshwant Bhargav
  13. Andy Gana
  14. Sivaram Kannan 
  15. Sugumaran Muthuraj
  16. Jessu John 
  17. Guna Sekaran
  18. Kavi Nithyanandam
  19. Sham Vaidya
  20. Gopalakrishna NarayanaMoni
  21. Narayanan M Muthuswamy
  22. Shahid Kandrikar)
  23. Ramesh McKinsey (Mangaleswaran)
  24. Harish Lakshman
  25. Senthilanand Chandrasekaran
  26. AJ
  27. Shankar Kalyana

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