Thursday, November 01, 2012

Request your Generous Support

Request your support to help creating barrier-free world.

As many of my readers know, I run at least one marathon a year to raise funds for charity.  Thanks to all of you, I raised USD 7000 to UMass ALS Research and got to run 2012 Boston Marathon.

Now, I have decided to run 2013 London Marathon and help raise funds to create barrier-free world via Lenoard Cheshire Disability - Young Voices.  My decision to run for this charity was made easy when I came to know Ramesh Managleswaran ran for same charity couple of years back and was able to request the monies be funneled to charity work they do in India.

Young Voices India currently does work in Delhi, Bangalore & Jharkand and mainly work on accessibility. Here is what I learnt from their website..
Members focus on making sure that existing laws are enforced and lobbying for new legislation. Campaign issues include: access to public sector jobs, accessible voting, access to social protection and advocacy for a new law to harmonise with theUNCRPD.

I have a setup a fund raising page in Virgin Money Giving site.. Please open up your hearts and wallets to support my run and help create a barrier-free world for all..

Please open your heart here..

Thank You for support in advance..

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