Sunday, September 30, 2012

Running in Chennai - Why Do You Run?

Why Do You Run?

I am asked this simple question often.. and it 'stumps' me every time.

Do I run because it 'keeps me fit'? - Running sure has kept my cholesterol under control and kept the creeping diabetes at bay..

Do I run because it 'builds character'? - Running is definitely a positive influence on my life and outlook.  It has helped build the 'can do' attitude..

Do I run because it 'de-stresses'? - Running does help take the pressure off at times.... I simply go out for run when I feel all 'wound up' to clear my mind..

Do I run because it 'gets new friends'? - Running has introduced me to lot of great people across many walks of life..

Do I run because it 'brings a sense of discipline'? - I am not a morning person but Running has made me one.. (though I still struggle to fight that 'morning blues' demon every morning..)

While some or all of the above are all valid reasons.. Like many things I do, I simply don't know why I Run.. but one thing I do know..  I love running.

This morning, after our regular Sunday run, I asked this question to a bunch of Chennai Runners and this what they had to say..

Now, let me ask this question to you.. Why do you Run?

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