Wednesday, July 04, 2012

My New Toy - Google Galaxy Nexus

I am lucky.. I had ordered for my Google Galaxy Nexus before the 'ban' enforced in US.  There is a 'patent infringement' fight going on between Samsung and Apple and this phone got in the middle and a US court had temporarily banned selling this phone in US... Boy I was lucky.. Right..? I think so..

Packing is slick but not as 'cool' as the iPhone packing
My initial take:

Migration was a breeze: My earlier phone was also a Google (Nexus One) so migration was a breeze.  All I had to do was to put in my SIM and Google ID.  It automagically download my profile and all my apps got them ready for me.  However, it did not have the data.  For example, I had quite bit data in 'mytracks' app which did not come with the application.  I had to manually manage it.

Larger Screen: The screen is considerably larger and brighter.  While it make it easier shoot photos and browse pages, larger form factor does make it awkward to carry it around in hand or shirt pocket.  I am still looking for a holster (belt pouch) to carry it around.

Faster  Everything is fast and it quite appreciable.  Apps load faster, camera take faster pictures.. everything is faster..

Camera - Two cameras, front and back.  The quality is better and it take faster pictures.

Face Recognition: I played around with it only for a day and liked it.  Once I loaded some of my office apps, it mandated another security layer which made the face recognition defunct.  In the limited time, Meera, my daughter was trying to trick the phone to unlock with my photo and couldn't.  But I found the experiment quite interesting, so we both played with it.  Took a picture / video of me and showed it to phone and see if it recognizes my face and opens.. it did not.  The phone was smarter to know when I showing my real face vs the photo face.. not bad..

overall, I am happy with the phone and need to play a little bit more with Ice Cream Sandwich, to get a better handle of it.  But, by the time I do that, I would have gotten the Jelly Bean download which I am told is 'cooler' than the Ice Cream.  Yes, Galaxy Nexus would be the first phone to get the Jelly Bean upgrade directly from Google, sometime this month... Yuppie..

I am Google fan, so I may be bit biased here.  But other than the 'bulky' factor, I can't think of any at this time. Oh yes, one more minor thing.. Nexus one came with a pouch and this one didn't..