Monday, June 29, 2009

Blog Vs Tweet

If I take my own example the verdict is clear.. In the last 3 months I did 550+ Tweets as compared to the measly 1 blog post. However, I do have the desire to do meaningful blog posts but haven't gotten around to it just yet.

Twits are easy.. are short requiring little or no formulation time.. and can be done via multiple channels. For that matter I hardly do twits via Twitter website. Most of my twits are done via TwitterFox or BB. Compared to twits, Blogs take time... and that perhaps is the primary reason why haven't blogged as much as I would like to ..
Because blogging isn't easy. More precisely, other things are easier – and it's to easier things that people are turning. Facebook's success is built on the ease of doing everything in one place. (Search tools can't index it to see who's talking about what, which may be a benefit or a failing.) Twitter offers instant content and reaction. Writing a blog post is a lot harder than posting a status update, putting a funny link on someone's Wall, or tweeting. People are still reading blogs, and other content. But for the creation of amateur content, their heyday for the wider population has, I think, already passed. The short head of blogging thrives. Its long tail, though, has lapsed into desuetude.
But then, I am not ready to write Blogging obiturary as yet. I am going to make a sincere attempt to get back to it on a regular basis. After all, I do want to make my millions from adsense and retire to take blogging (and running) full time.. :-).

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  1. You write well and may be the frequency can be reduced to post.

    Also suggesting that you can consolidate all you thoughts, from your tweets and post it as a blog, if you could!

    I tweet with id 'vjshankar'