Friday, April 03, 2009

Travelog # 50 - Paris

First sighting for Eiffel Tower while walking from Montparnasse
Quick update from Paris. I am here with my son for Paris Marathon. We walked, walked and walked looking for Eiffel Tower which we were told was just 4km from where we were staying in Montparnasse. But, we lost our way and language issues didn't make it easier to get back on track. We walked around anyways as the weather was gorgeous. We took this photo at the first 'sighting' of Eiffel Tower.


  1. Visu,
    Good luck on your Paris Marathon.

    - Laks Sankaran.

  2. Hi Ram,

    In the twitter widget that you have,
    one must login to read all your twits. This is unlike in other blogs (like where i can just click the link.
    I don't want a twitter account.
    -Patrick, SFO

  3. Patrick
    I will check that.. thanks for letting me know..

  4. Hello Mr.Ram,

    I read about blogswara and I am very keen to know more about it. Please send me your mail id at so that I can write to you about the songs I composed recently.

  5. Vidya
    Pl. contact Narayanan about Blogswara.. He was part of the team that release the first 2 CDs. He can be reached via