Monday, December 22, 2008

How To Tie Your Shoes?

Do you know how to tie your shoes properly?.

Yeah, I hear you.. We all learnt it in our primary school right? That may be the case, but how many times has your shoe lace come off on you, forcing you to stop and retie only to see it come off again in a minutes / hours? I have seen a whole bunch of new / experienced /young / old runners struggle with their shoe lace (includes me as well..).

I had figured out a clumsy way to keep my shoe laces intact a few years ago. I used to go for lunch time walks in the San Mateo county college while working nearby at Visa. During these treks, my shoe lace would invariably come off but not that of my colleague, Rao Korimilli. It is from him that I learnt the trick of putting a knot over the Granny knot to keep the lace from loosening. That trick continues to serves me well and I am glad to have to picked up that trick from Rao. But, now I have trick up my sleeve to keep my shoe lace in tact. I hope you find this trck useful too. If you are in the mood for reading 5 pages about it then go here.. or simply watch this video


  1. Ram,

    Super! I tried it immediately and it seems alright. I have been wondering for a while especially while jogging and now I have learnt it from you. That was a good and useful one.

  2. I did not know, there are names ... Reef knot... I like that

  3. Anonymous
    Yes you are right.. I have heard them being referred to Granny knot vs Reef knot..