Friday, December 19, 2008

Books - Greatness Guide 2

Like rising early, reading books has been a continuous struggle for me. But I do know that I need to do them both consistently and easily to reach my next level whatever that might me. That said, I finally forced myself to finish Robin Sharma's The Greatness Guide 2 book.

Though I bought this book for a plane trip in August did not finish is till recently. I did religiously carry it for trip after trip adding load to my already overloaded backpack but did not get to it. At best, I would read a few pages and not touch it again for a few days / weeks only to start all over again.

Here is what I have planned to do.. call it a early 'new year resolution' but here it is.. 'Will read at least one book a month'.

Now back to the book..
My introduction to Robin Sharma was through his book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrai. I enjoyed that one for its easy reading and the Indian connection. With that name recognition, I picked up The Greatness Guide 2 hoping to enjoy and learn from it as well. I am glad to report that Robin Sharma did not disappoint me. Like many of the self-help books, this also urges to be gentle, humble, truthful, give back etc., As we all know, it is the seemingly easy stuff that are the most difficult to practice consistently in life.

As Robin Sharma says in his book, you are the company you keep and keeping good thoughts / reading good books ought to make you act in a positive manner.

One thing liked about this book is that no chapter is more than two pages long. It is easy to read a few pages and continue later. I liked that convenience.. (Richard Carlson's Don't Sweat the small stuff series is also like this.. easy to read.)

Few quotes from the book..
What is Success ? "To me, success is all about being in the process of joyfully creating a life that reflects your highest values, your deepest beliefs and your greatest dreams."

What matters? "At the end of our lives, the only thing that endures is who we became, the difference we made and the love we gave"
Powerful stuff.. much to think about and internalize.

My two cents: I enjoyed reading this book and would strongly recommend it.. I am sure you will enjoy and benefit from it too.

This book and will remain in my library for revisits and will be enriched with couple of other Robin Sharma books soon: 1) The Greatness Guide 2) Who will cry when you die.

My next book: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami


  1. Yes, this is a good one. But in my opinion, nothing can beat his first one "The Monk who sold his Ferrari". I bought all his books (about 10 I guess)....but have been struggling to move through his Megaliving for quiet sometime (not that it's's that I didn't find the time)

    Robin has great writing skills...and he very skillfully brings out subtle nuances about life with really ordinary (too banal to notice otherwise) examples.

  2. The amazing thing about such books is that the 'wisdom' they share have always been around. And the fact that they make the simplest of 'true' acts truly magnificent.... if done with much consistency and passion! A good 'feel-good' guide to living :)

  3. Ram,

    Can i suggest 2 books that changed my life.
    Life's little instruction book
    (all 3 in 1 book )
    By Jackson Brown

    How to win friends and influence people
    by Dale Carnegie

    -Patrick, SFO

  4. Patrick
    thanks.. will add them to my 'to-read' list.

  5. Read the Book! Fantastic!!!! He is coming to Singapore 15th May 2009 for a full day workshop! Heard it's focusing on leading without title, High performance leadership in turbulent times

  6. Liked the definition of success!! ( same defines happiness as well ?