Saturday, November 01, 2008

Do You Know Fred Lebow?

Do you know Fred Lebow? For the uninitiated, he was the founder of the NYC marathon. From the humble beginnings in Central Park to its iconic image today, NYC marathon's transformation can be attributed to Fred's undying energy.

He died in 1994 of brain cancer but his legacy lives on.. now through a movie that hit the screens today called Run for you life.

Do we have a Fred Lebow amongst us in Chennai to start a worldclass marathon?
  • A marathon that is truly for the runners and celebrates running..
  • A marathon that the entire city comes together and celebrates human spirit..
  • A marathon that is truly at par (or even better) than the big 5 (NYC, Chicago, Berlin, London & Boston).
  • A marathon that becomes a iconic symbol of Chennai....

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