Thursday, October 30, 2008

10 Must Do Marathons

Recently, Shahid sent a link that talked about 20 must do races and I must admit haven't run even in one of them. That list got me thinking and I created my own list of 10 marathons that I would like to run before I die..
  1. New York
  2. Chicago
  3. Berlin
  4. New Delhi
  5. London
  6. Paris (Might do this next year with Shahid)
  7. Sydney
  8. Chennai (organized by Chennai Runners)
  9. San Francisco
  10. Columbus (my other home town)
(Boston is not on the list because I wouldn't qualify for it... too slow for Boston !!!)

Talking about Shahid.. again.. he recently announced (in a radio program) that he would like to run 50 marathons and has done 5 marathons so far. That got me thinking and I am announcing today that I am also raising my bar.. I also would like to run 50 marathons and like Shahid has done 5 so far. Not sure if I can reach that target at my current strike rate. I seem to be running 2 marathons a year and at this rate, it will take another 22 years and I will be 68.

Now, Shahid.. let's see who gets to 50 first.....


  1. Ram...THANKS A MILLION... for taking it upto 50!! .. atleast before u finish ur 50 i hv a recovered body to complete my 1st!! ha ha ha ha ha...

    my list will be 20times Singapore.. and 20 times mumbai.. and 10 times ECR ... LOL.

    cheers.. george

  2. You giving up on Boston so easily. Believe it or not, Boston is on my list. 3:15 to qualify.

  3. Wow, 50 marathons is a bigone. I am not brave enough for such a big commitment, but can join you and Shahid in Paris next year. I have registered for the run too! - Vignesh

  4. George
    well. actually Thanks to Shahid.. 'he' made me do it..

    I do want to dream.. but qualifying for Boston is wayyyyyyyyyy beyond my reach.. Good Luck to you..

    Boston / Vignesh
    50 is my target.. let me see if I can make it..

  5. Ram,

    You are quite the big city person or thats what I read from your list of marathons. On my list is the rock and roll marathon and another one where the runners go around sipping wine.

    See you Nov 28th weekend if you are in town.


  6. Shumit
    Yes.. that's what the 'wish list' shows.. but I also got another 35+ marathons runs that I want to run.. and they could be in other 'smaller' cities.. !!!:-)

  7. Shahid.. thank you so much for getting Ram to do this... i tried.. must learn your trick!!

    Ram... hope to join you on some of your marathons.. possibly chicago after singapore.. in a couple of yrs!!

    cheers. george

  8. When Fauja Singh can do it at 97, I'm sure you can do it at 68.
    Also, when Fauja Singh can do a 5:30 at 90, you can definitely do a 3:15 to qualify!

  9. Are you in the Paris 2009?

    Well worth a go, but nowhere near as good as London or Berlin.

    I have links from my blog to that of a bunch of Paris Marathoners if you would like to check it out.

    Best wishes,


  10. Simon
    I am looking to do both Paris & Berlin in 2009