Monday, June 23, 2008

Insightful Article on Mukesh Ambani

A pretty insightful Article on Mukesh Ambani. One of the most detailed that I have read on Mukesh Ambani thus far. Though he is the richest man in India and has transformed the country like no other industrialist, he has always been low key and an intrigue. This NYTimes articles tries to demystify him a little bit and explores the astonishing growth of his empire. Read on..


  1. Hi Ram, very good article. Thanks for posting. Interesting to note his outright denial of the way they BAU conduct business :)).

  2. Orissa is more beautiful than Gujarat.

  3. Excellent article. What I liked most is that though we somehow feel that Ambanis are industrial barons who have amassed great wealth forthemselves, this article shows that Mukesh has a vision for India's larger population. It seems he has done enough reasearch on how to change India at gressroots level. Though many of us think about changing India but when someone with financial muscle thinks about it, there's bound to be a change. I am looking forward to his investments in agriculture.Somehow my feelings towards Ambanis are a shade softer after this article .

  4. Ram,
    I guess we have had enough insight.. move on to your next post.


  5. Patrick
    Get the message.. have been away for a long time.. will get back.. Thanks for nudging me..

    I am traveling now.. en route to Toronto.. will post from there..have a few topics in mind.. but never got around to putting them down.. plenty of excuses to give.. but none valid..