Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Vacation - Plan B

As I mentioned earlier, my family got stuck in Chennai as we failed to note a minor but important detail with passport expiry dates.

We went back to the drawing board, did some last minute scrambling requiring documents to fly across the globe and managed to get a temporary passport for my daughter. American Consulate in Chennai was helpful and issued the necessary documentation enabling my family to travel and are currently en route to LAX. I will be waiting for them when they land here..

The net of this fire drill is that we lost two vacation days and hopefully learned an important lesson around checking expiry dates of important documents.

I say hopeful because, not sure how to keep track of the multitude of documents that expire on a regular basis (passports, PIO cards, drivers license India, US, financal documents, credit cards etc.,) . I thought of putting a reminder in my calendar but couldn't figure out a way to get regular and periodic reminders till I action it.

Is there an opportunity to innovate here?