Saturday, May 03, 2008

How NOT to plan a vacation..

We planned everything but over looked one minor but very important detail and that is costing our vacation now. I am yet again reminded of Stephen Covey's simple powerful saying.. "common sense stuff NOT common practice"... That's exactly what is happening to us now..

I am in Toronto now and my family is back in Chennai, India. They were all set to join me in LA for a vacation starting tomorrow, Sunday May 4, 2008. I had already mapped out the places to go, people to visit and reconnect. Sita and the kids are all excited, grab their tickets and go to Chennai Airport to LA via Frankfurt. They wade through the sea of humanity crowding around the entrance, get their bags scanned and go the the Lufthansa counter to get their boarding pass. Instead of giving the boarding pass, the agent drops a bombshell.

My daughter can't travel because her passport has expired. I did all the planning but forgot to check the validity of the travel documentsand that is costing us the vacation now. The entire vacation plan is back to the drawing board now. I am not sure if the vacation will happen at all now...

Lessons learned: Check your passport/s first before any International travel..