Monday, May 05, 2008

Running in Toronto

One of the challenges I have to overcome is my ability to stick to my running even while on the road. Of late, I have been on the road a lot and my running had taken a back seat and I don't like it. I was determined to reverse it yesterday in Toronto and I did..

Edwards Garden - running trail
Though it was raining and cold, I made it a point to look for a park near Markham, Canada and ended up in Edwards Garden. The first site of the running trail wasn't too encouraging, it was slushy and wasn't inviting but fellow runners assured of better track just a few yards away and they were right..
Running Trail - Edwards Garden, Toronto
There were miles and miles of decent track which was great. The weather though was in single digits.. once I started running, I felt comfortable and kept running..
Trail in Edwards Garden, Toronto
running.. till
Nature, Clean Air and miles of running Trail.. what more could a runner ask for..
the rain came down heavily forcing me retreat back to my car.

Overall, I was happy with this run though could have done a little more.. I am in LA for a week now and want to hit the track most of the days... I might be able to do it after all... With my family stuck in Chennai, I might as well make use of the 'free' time.


  1. Hi Ram, I am a friend of Raghavan in IBM Australia. I am going to run the half Marathon 21 km in Mumbai in Jan and have started training for it. And could do with a lot of advice.

    Can barely do 1 km now. More than getting out of breath the issue is that my legs get tired.Did that happen to uou? My coach tells me that I need to work on increasing the strength in my legs. Good thing he is helping me strengthen my knees and back simltaneously.

  2. Sheila
    You got little over 6 months and you can do it.. Congratulations on setting the goal.. now you need to just keep at it.. You need to consistent and just 'don't take No for an answer from your aching body'..

    There are lot of sites that offer training programs on the web.. just find one that works for you.. Also, build your stamina slowly over a period of time.. and you will be running 20+kms in no time..

    Remember the you got build physical as well as mental strength to do anything that sounds 'impossible or not for me' in life..

    Good Luck..