Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Do you work with the likes of Loud Howard?

There are lots of Loud Howards in the Indian IT offices, but no private offices to isolate them.. leaving behind lots of Dilberts and Asoks.


  1. No.
    But the first person i thought of you watching Npva 'marathon diaries'.
    So, excuse me for the unrelated comment.


  2. yes Ram.. lots of them.. including my neighbour... not to say, I am not guilty.. but learning to not be like Loud Howard... somehow some of the Loud Howards dont seem to realise their effect... thank God I did... well.. better late than never! :)))

    this was a good cartoon!! hope ALL the Loud Howards take a look at this and get the point.

    regards, george

  3. Headphones and music at all times at work shuts out all loud Howards (and Heathers) since this trait is not gender specific !