Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Who is a Hindu?

The first state funded Hindu School in Britain has come up with a definition..
The policy defines 'practising Hindus' as those who perform daily prayer and deity worship either at a temple or at home, and accept and follow Vedic scriptures, in particular the Bhagavad Gita. They must also be involved in at least weekly temple-related voluntary work, attend temple programmes at least fortnightly and abstain from meat (including fish and eggs), alcohol, smoking and drugs.
According to this definition, majority of Hindus of in India would be disqualified as they eat meat!!!!


  1. I think alcohol will disqualify more people than meat in India.

    No matter. It should not be about religion, its should be about how you live your life.

    And good people the world over can eat, drink and be merry!

  2. It doesn't matter what you eat/drink.

    It must be more what you do!

    That's my 2 cents!