Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dog Bite Scare

Did the dog bite me or not? I don't know and will never know, but was worried enough to go to a Apollo Clinic for consultations and injections.

It happened yesterday (Saturday, Nov 18, 07) on the Thiru. Vi. Ka. bridge on my return run. I was heading back from Elliots Beach and was going towards Mandavelli on the left side pavement. Couple of stray dogs were sitting / standing harmlessly(so I thought) on the side walk where I was pounding my way back home. As I was running past the dogs, one of the dogs (a white one) probably felt threatened and did something. I thought it tried to chase me away and felt some strike on my left heal.. or so I thought. Since, it was only on the shoe heal, I never stopped and didn't even worry about it till today.

Today, while having my lunch today, I sat folding my legs in the chair and noticed marks near my right ankle and that's when the monkey called 'doubt' and 'what if' climbed by back. Where did the dog strike me yesterday ? was it right or left? was the shoe heal or near ankle? I wasn't sure and ended up at Apollo Clinic. Not wanting to take any chances, Doctor suggested 4 injections that will I have to take over a 7 day period (0 - 4- 7). I took a Tetanus Taxoid (TT) and Verorab today and will be taking Verorab again on Thursday and Sunday.

Even now, I not sure if the dog really bite me, but the doubt monkey is a strange thing. Sita and I and wanted to end the 'what if' nagging question and get rid of the monkey and that's what we just did. It's going cost us about INR 1500 and some painful injections. But hey its worth every penny for getting the monkey off our back.

This is not going to stop me from running on Chennai roads, but the dogs will definitely get lot of respect from me.