Sunday, November 04, 2007

ECR Run # 4 - a Report

When I woke up this morning around 3:00AM, I wasn't sure if we would run as it was drizzling quite incessantly. I wasn't sure how many would turn up and how would many would actually want to run. Regardless, I went to our designated assembling point and found that few had already arrive but were of mixed opinion running in the rain. We decided to drive down the starting point and take stock there and that proved to be good decision. By the time we reached MGM Dizzee world, rain stopped practically giving us green signal to get on with the run.

Here are some pictures from the run.. (Thanks to Ramani & Anupama for taking the pictures)

Getting ready for the run
In spite of the rain, we had 20 runners and 3 volunteers rearing to go. We started the run when it was still dark but the weather was cool and conducive for the run.

Ramani as volunteer
Ramani, a ChennaiRunner decided to volunteer this time around and boy he was of great help. Ramani took some video of the run. Pl do look forward to it in youtube soon. Ramani, Anupama & Velu volunteered in two cars and they made a qualitative difference in our run. Thanks Guys..

Ram Viswanathan
Yours truly..Overall I had a good run.. but my iPOD froze within the first 30 minutes and that proved a dampener for me. Not sure what's the problem with my iPOD, it freezes randomly. It has so far frozen 4 times and all during running (that's the only time I use it). This iPOD is hardly three years old and I am I am not too happy with this random freeze thing.

George, Narayan, Tiger & Ravi Kumar
George, Ravi, KK, Tiger & Narayanan. This was the first LONG run for George and he did good.. though he wasn't quite satisfied.

Senthil and Suresh in the bike..
Senthil, Mahesh & Suresh

Enjoying the sumptuous spread @ MGM Resorts
Sumptuous breakfast @ MGM Resort. All you can eat breakfast costed us INR 175 per person and was well worth it. Some of us took a dip in the sea prior to the breakfast and that was very soothing. That combined with the all you can eat spread was all we could have asked for after the long run.

After the run .. heading back home..
Heading back home.. after our successful run. Overall, I am glad we ran today not cancel the run due to rain. In fact, the downpour prior to our start actually primed the weather for us and ensured the run was enjoyable.

More picture here.


  1. Ram whatz with the knee braces?

    Do you have knee issues, or is it a preventative measure?