Friday, August 17, 2007

What is Chettinad Idly?

What is Chettinad Idly?

I can't tell the difference even after consuming what I got served as Chettinad Idly in Woodlands drive-in today and the regular ones.

I like going to Woodlands drive-in for reasons other than the decent vegetarian food they are famous for. I like going there because of the vast open space and the availability of ample car parking. Anyways, back to Idly..

I wanted to try something new and as I was hovering through the list, I stopped at the first 'new' item. That's how I zoomed in on Chettinad Idly and ordered it without even asking about it.

When the Idlis were served, it didn't look any different, so I found myself asking the person 'What is Chettinad Idly?' Here is the answer I got:

It is Chettinad Idly because
  1. You get 3 Idlis instead of the usual 2
  2. The side dishes are different.. for eg., I got brown chutney instead the usual white chutnety.
I am not convinced of the answer.. so, my question still remains.. What is Chettinad Idly? Do you know?