Friday, August 17, 2007

What is Chettinad Idly?

What is Chettinad Idly?

I can't tell the difference even after consuming what I got served as Chettinad Idly in Woodlands drive-in today and the regular ones.

I like going to Woodlands drive-in for reasons other than the decent vegetarian food they are famous for. I like going there because of the vast open space and the availability of ample car parking. Anyways, back to Idly..

I wanted to try something new and as I was hovering through the list, I stopped at the first 'new' item. That's how I zoomed in on Chettinad Idly and ordered it without even asking about it.

When the Idlis were served, it didn't look any different, so I found myself asking the person 'What is Chettinad Idly?' Here is the answer I got:

It is Chettinad Idly because
  1. You get 3 Idlis instead of the usual 2
  2. The side dishes are different.. for eg., I got brown chutney instead the usual white chutnety.
I am not convinced of the answer.. so, my question still remains.. What is Chettinad Idly? Do you know?


  1. Ram,

    Chettinad idly is a class of its own. Chettinad was predominantly dominated by Chettiears. I have few friends in India who are chettiars and from Chettinad. The way they make idli is so soft. They show lot of interest in the combination of ingredient for its kind. They make good chutney (Coconut, and many more). It is great. Probably if you have any chettiar friends ask them and taste it. You can avoid buying Jasmine flower and take those idlis home.

  2. Hi,

    wasnt that found in wikipedia.. :))

  3. Surendar
    I did do look up in wikepedia.. there is an article on Chettinad but not the Idly..

  4. Balaji
    Yes.. I am going to check with some Chettinad friends.. I couldn't tell the difference by the taste..

  5. Instead of uzhundu use vendhayam, thats it. 3 cups of rice and 1 cup of uzhundu....Coconut chutney, with a piece of puli while grinding does the trick.

    Well you missed vellai paniyaram, and kathrikka kojju.

    Vijay (a Chettiar but nor a Chettinad one!)

  6. Hi Ram:

    Like some of the responses on the subject, the Chettnad Idli is softer and a lot fatter that the conventional ones accompanied by a larger variety of chutnies and true-blue concoction of molaga podi and ennai. The girth of these unique mouthwaterers is why it sometimes is referred to as Khushboo-idlis!

    I am for one, a true fan of authentic C-idlis.


  7. Chettinadu Idly is medium sized and very soft and does no harm to stomach

    Leftover idlys made in the morning can be used in night also as it retains freshness.

    If it turns hard they make uppuma out of it which is called Idly Thalichatu which tastes great.

    The difference is also in chutney and sambhar.

    You can taste chettinadu Idly at chennai at Balaji Fast Food,(Kannadhasan Mess)on Kannadasan Salai or Mummys Chettinadu both in Venkatnarayana Road,T.Nagar,Chennai