Friday, August 10, 2007

Running Non Stop

Running Non Stop
I hope none of the ChennaiRunners are to the extreme right as portrayed in this article. Nevertheless, a timely forward by Karthik on the pitfalls for running addiction.

Some of the symptoms of running / exercise addiction are:
"The danger sign is when exercise becomes priority number one and other things start to go," says Weinberg, "like your marriage, your job, your social life." Another warning sign is when you begin to forsake your health. "When addicts get hurt, they refuse to back off," says Raglin.


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    since i m at a too far away place [cuddalore] from chennai i m missing this interesting phenomenon of motivated running
    hats off to u guys


  2. My beer addiction is complementary and thus helps me not to developing a running addiction. Although, I don't do it anymore, I used to miss runs because of drinking beer all night. If Alexia had done that, she would not have such a problem.

    The doctors always provide such a complex solution to simple problems. They should just ask her to slam a few beers every twice a week.

  3. Nina
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    Beer.. cure for all ills..!!!!!

  4. Life is a day to day tumultuous roller coaster - 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Those who motivate themselves and keep their head above water strives to be always in light and not in darkness emotionally or healthwise. There are times they take resort to their passion to escape the torture of darkness. Runners may also take refuge to running during those dark encounter. This is the time when the friends should understand the body language of such individuals and give them help by way of counseling, etc. Those are the times one cannot take care of oneself.