Sunday, August 12, 2007

Big Brother is Listening as well..

Denver Aiport - Can you read the warning in red?
A display board in Denver aiport.. Can you read the warning in red below? Look closer

Denver Aiport - Can you read the warning in red?
It is public knowledge there are cameras everywhere, particularly in public places these days and a place like Airport would have lots of them. But, the subtle warning about audio listening was new to me.

It is one thing to use these recordings for crime investigation, but using them for crime prevention can be monumental task. Imagine the kind of technologies required to sift through mountains of video and audio collected every hour of the day to make sense pure data and use that intelligence for prevention in a timely manner. The technologies that make it possible must be truly awesome. (assuming they are indeed effective).


  1. Ever heard of signals intelligence and 'Echelon' ?

  2. Hear! Hear!
    Not Paranoid yet ?
    Now, ther ei sno need for FISA co urt authorization any more..