Thursday, August 30, 2007

Good decision.. but will it be executed?

Tamil Nadu Government has finally decided to act and has passed orders to come down heavily on hoarding industry. Though a little extreme, the real test is in the execution. Currently, the credibility of the City Government is very low.
From Auto Meter to Helmet to Garbage collection, this Government has bungled it all. So, Chennai citizens don't have much hopes on the City doing anything, let alone something as drastic as to pull down all hoardings. By some accounts, Chennai hoarding industry turns over INR 900 million per year and with a Supreme Court stay order in effect, the order may not see light of day..

Chennai - a virtual hoarding city
Chennai - Hoarding city
Hoardings on the Kottupuram bridge near Chamiers Road.


  1. I felt very happy to read about it. I hope they implement it.

    I beg to differ about Helmets. If every citizen thinks about the importance of the helmet, there need not be a law.

    The Citizens don't have a say about Garbage collection and issues like this ( But there is a way...We need Unity..if every citizen boycotts work and participates in a big dharna for all these issues..I bet the GOVT won't have a choice).

    Do you remember how the transport corporations were renamed overnight to 'Tamilnadu Transport Corporation'?? What happen to Pandian/cheran/Chozhan/Marudhu Pandian/Pallavan..blah..blah..blah...all
    of them vanished overnight!!

  2. Narayanan
    Yes.. helmets are common sense thing.. but then, even good things need governance and enforcement..

    Let the Govt carry the stick and enforce it uniformly for a few years.. it will become the habit of the society...

  3. Hoardings lead to distraction & accidents...well I dont really know..but yes interactive,electronic boards do tend to distract..Delhi has banned all roadside hoardings but allowed only on select locations , mobile hoardings.

    I used to freak out reading the stuff while visiting Kolkata ..hoardings do tend to lend colour/vibrancy to a city.

  4. I find law to stop hoarding very stupid instead of regulating it.

    close to 100k personal are reported involved in hoarding business who will loss job...

    lets hope for better.

  5. my god... and if we just think about the number of people involved in the underground drugs business, maybe better retirement incentives? What about the Mum-bhais, they are also plenty in number.