Saturday, July 14, 2007

ECR Run - 30x30

We, Chennai Runners are having an important run tomorrow. This is our second ECR run, the first was in March 07. This time, we are expecting more participation, around 30+ hence the title 30x30.

Here is some detail about the run.. Pl. ping me @ if you would like to participate..

Pick up points: We will have two pick up points from the city.
1) From Khader Nawas Khan Road - Shahid can take up 4 more runners in his car. For details, please contact Shahid @ (starting time 3:45 AM)
2) From Dimensions - Ram, Hari, Ashwini & Murugan put together can ferry up to 10 more runners to the starting point. If you need a ride from here, pl. contact Hari @ (starting time 3:45 AM)

For those who may come directly to the meeting point..
Meeting Point: Immediately after the ECR toll booth
Meeting Time : 4:15 AM (We realize, it is early but we must meet on time to ensure we get a head start against the onslaught of sun and the unrelenting traffic).

Starting point: Shahid's farm house which is close by ECR toll booth. (we will move from our meeting point by 4:15 & park our vehicles at Shahid's place.)
Starting Time: 4:45 AM (This will give time for runners to do some stretch and get ready)

Route: South on ECR all the way (KK Can you do your magic add map here?)

Finish Line: Coral Surf Restaurant ( This restaurant is right at the entrance of Mahabs, just across from GRT Temple Bay. This place has a Jesus statue at the entrance and should be easy to spot. We have arranged for South Indian Vegetarian buffet consisting of Pongal / Vada & Idly costing INR 100 per person, which will served starting @ 8:15 AM).

Water Points: Couple of KK's friends have volunteered to help us on this front. They would be cruising in their cars and would be carrying some water / energy drinks / snacks and first aid. They would be carrying their mobiles and can be reached via phone as well. (phone # to be updated soon)

Safety First: Please note that we do not have any safety net in terms of ambulance & insurance etc.. All of us running at our own volition and it is important to adhere to safety norms at all occasions.

  1. Always run on 'right side of the Road' facing the traffic. In doubt, slow down, let the traffic pass.
  2. Runners on Chennai roads is relatively a new phenomenon and Chennai drivers haven't gotten used to that yet.
  3. Do NOT run if you are not medically fit. Stop running at anytime you feel uncomfortable.

Entry Fee: INR 100. This voluntary to defray the cost of water, snack, first aid and fuel cost of the mobile water points. If you are willing, pl. give entry fee to KK.

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