Thursday, June 14, 2007

Travelog # 36 - Taipei 101

Talk about location.. I can see the world's tallest building from my hotel room window.. and that is quite a site. But let me admit, I have to bend and twist to see the building, nevertheless get that thrill of seeing the building.

I am in Taipei and this time, I got to stay right next to Taipei 101, the tallest building in the world as of date. There are buildings coming up in middle east that is supposed to over take Taipei 101 but that is still a couple of years away. Till then, Taipei 101 has the distinction.

My stay has been the usual traveler triangulation.. that is airport, hotel and office. However, I did get an opportunity to take a few snaps in and around Taipei 101 and here they come..

Taipei 101 Entrance..
Taipei 101.. standing tall
Taipei 101 is the tallest structure world today. It was pleasant experience to walk around and snap pictures.
Inside Taipei 101
There is pretty huge mall inside Taipei 101. I found most of the shops having little or no traffic, which was little surprising. One of the reason could be they are all high end shops and are designed for fewer crowd anyways.....?

'Love' found near Taipei 101
Near Taipei 101
Photo op just outside Taipei 101.. I found several places like this..

Say 'I do' in Style
Make 101 say 'I do' for you...
Say 'I Do' in style.. Make Taipei 101 say it for you..

Metro construction in progress near Taipei 101
Taipei has had metro for a while.. but now I guess it is coming closer to Taipei 101.

Two Wheelers.. plenty on the roads..
100% helmet compliance.. both men & women included..

Yellow Cabs.. available in plenty..
Taxis were plenty and they all ply by meter..

A short clip near Taipei 101

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