Saturday, June 23, 2007

Switching Machines

Switching laptops.. Is there a easy way?

I am in the process of switching laptops and find the whole process too tedious and painful. No, I am not talking just about the data but all the sundry applications and the data associated with it.

I do maintain all my core data in one place and migration of that was the easy part. But now I have to contend with bunch of smaller applications and their data. For example, I am have Blackberry and Garmin applications and loading them in my new machine was the easy part.. However, I find the moving the relevant data from the individual folders of the old machine to the new time consuming.

Is there a easy way to 'replicate' machines? I am not talking about 'ghost images' as they will work only on similar hardware. I am talking about the ability to move 'everything' across machines.


  1. That's why you need a mac. Switching laptops is a breeze.

  2. Ram, try the ISMA in w3 claims to transfer all that you need.

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