Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mini-Marathon Tomorrow

Bunch of us from ChennaiRunnes will be participating in the 'Mini-Marathon' organized by TNEB tomorrow. There is still time to register.. So, if you are interested, Pl. refer to my previous post on this subject or contact Mr.Ramamoorthy, TNEB Sports Secretary at +91-44-2852 2783.

The 12k run starts 7:00 AM and the bib and stuff could be collected at the starting point (Elliots Beach) before the event.

See you there..


  1. That's cool.. Runners should organize their own events since they would obviously do it better.. :) Gud luck on the run.

  2. Hi,
    I want to run but I cannot wake up :( I live in the Bay Area and it is quite chilly in the mornings even in summer. I wake up and see that it is chilly outside and I resolve to start running the next day :) How to strive to keep up this resolve ?

  3. Anonymous
    Getting up early can be a challenge.. but like anything the challenge can be overcome.. thru persistence and focus..

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