Saturday, May 19, 2007

Which One Do You Like?

Which One Do You Like?
We, ChennaiRunners are in the process of setting up our website and are playing around with couple of logos.. which one do you like? Which one do you vote for?
Chennairunners Logo 1
ChennaiRunners Logo 2


  1. Option two is appealing. It is subtle, powerful and appealing !

    "Run is Fun" doesnt ring the right bell gramatically!

    To Run. Too Fun
    Run & Fun / Fun & Run
    Run. Fun.

    Are some of the options that my small mind is coming up with..

  2. "CRUHAW" Chennai Runners Upholding health as wealth with the second logo will be befitting.


  3. I would prefer the first one without 'run is fun'. Else the second one.


  4. Dear Ram,

    Logo #1, I feel, is very attractive, Flashy & casual. In fact inviting. The bacground circle colour can be a shade lighter.
    This colour refers to sunrise / sunset. People running in the foreground, tells that running is the purpose. The idea of including a statement is very good. I'm not that good in grammar, but please do pay attention to such things, as I foresee a great future.

    Logo #2 I feel, is more formal & corporate. Can be easily reproduced, for that matter, even hand drawn. However logo #2 does not make any statement. The blue bottom & the flying people sort of, are more relevant to birds flying over the water / sea / ocean etc.

    Now the choice is yours :).

    In any case, both are good indeed.

    Way to go Ram. Great going indeed. Keep up the good work.

    Harish V

  5. Ram,

    Option 2 is really good.
    As Kavi says "Run is fun" doesn't sound gramatically right

  6. Number 2!!.... number 2!!!!. Its simple and gets the message across. You don't need any slogans to attract the people who are really interested.


  7. Hi Ram,
    I feel the first one is good. makes a statement. 'Run is fun'
    logo is very inspiring.may attract more people to the cause.!!!

    -Guy you met at Toronto some time back !! (Madras palace dinner)

  8. option 1 without any wording or many be diff wording and diff font for Run is Fun.

    Reason why i dint find the second one attractive is the image of two person running it doenst look like running it looks like skating , not sure if its just me .