Saturday, May 19, 2007

Chennai Runners: Growing in Numbers

I am happy to report that Chennai Runners now has over 100 members in the group. We started with just 3 folks just a couple of years back and have steadily grown. It has been a great experience to see the team growing and see increasing participation.

I picked running back up only a few years back and can vouch that training with the team has really helped me. I have been able to pick up few tricks and exchange notes with the fellow runners. My dream is to see 1000+ in 2010, pl come join hands to help realize our dream and more importantly help yourself stay healthy.
ChennaiRunners Poster
Check out this cool poster.. Fitness One, one of the leading Gyms is supporting us.

I am talking to Dimensions and asking them to support ChennaiRunners more. They already give membership discount for ChennaiRunners, but in addition to that they have also assured to look in to other areas where they can pitch in.. stay tuned.

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