Thursday, April 05, 2007

Will Chennai City Center Go?

Will Chennai City Center Go?
Chennai City Center
The newest mall in Chennai has been asked to evacuate so that 'demolition can begin'. This because of the numerous violations to the plan including adding an entire floor
Subsequently, fresh deviations, including conversion of a portion of the parking lot for commercial use and building of an extra floor to accommodate a food court, were detected.
I wonder why Chennai Metropolitan Development Authorities (CMDA) waited so long to catch this problem. Are there periodic inspections during the construction phase?

Regardless, what do think will happen to order? My take, nothing.. It will be forgotten..


  1. Chennai Citi Centre must have paid at least 135,000 sqft * 20 as bribe of regular rate, which amounts to Rs 27,00,000 just for the approval. Hence those officials would go all out to save it. There is also one grandfathering law, where buildings older than 5 years can be legalized, paying penalty. Hence we can see them filing in Supreme Court and get those many years of delay. Note - if there is no concrete roof, it cannot be called a floor, which is what that Open Air Hotel is all about. There is also one rule, which says if they dont use it full day, it doesnt amount to commercial use, with the hotel being crowded in evenings only. Hence they might be saved too, but get hit on parking alone, which is a small thing.

    BTW, it is owned by Arcot Nawab.

  2. Every area has someone called an area engineer... His actual duty is to look out for unauthorized construction. Even during the Delhi demolition drive, the supreme court asked .. what were these area engineers doing and shouldn't they be tried for dereliction of duty?.. I think this whole.. ignore in the beginning and catch them at the end is one way of making money... by the way .. why is it no one questions all the slums that come up all over the city??

  3. Buildings and thatched sheds have sprung up in almost every where in India violating building codes and city requirements. These are the result of corruption and commission among approvers and enforcers who collude with crafty business and public and who can be called Nawabs. To root out such malaise, we need a paradigm shift in the whole outlook of public and government. No body should be above or below law.


  4. This is the email I received from Citicenter. It is actually owned by a Dubai company.

    "It is quite unfortunate that ‘The Hindu’ carried an article in yesterday’s edition in a prominent manner about the issue of Notice and other related issues.

    We understand that similar Notices have been issued to hundreds of prominent buildings in the City and it is painful to note that they have singled out our Mall for creating a sensation, probably because our Mall has become a popular destination.

    In any case, as far as your Store is concerned, there is no violation and you can be rest assured that these proceedings initiated by CMDA in our opinion will not affect your Store.

    We are taking all appropriate steps to resolve all the Planning Issues raised by CMDA and we are confident that we can overcome these issues over a period of time. We seek your understanding and co-operation on this matter till we are able to resolve them."

  5. Nothing will happen to the Citi Center. In due course this will fizzle out and life will go on as usual.

  6. Arcot Nawab and Dubai connections... Super... I wonder Dawood! Ek Mall, tho thukada.

  7. I would be very surprised if a place as popular as City Center is actually demolished!! Am sure money will exchange hands and all will be forgotten.

    If this had happenned in China though,am sure the wrecking balls would already be doing their job!! :)


    P.S - No posts about OSU losing yet again to Florida in the NCAA Basketball Championship last week?

    Wolverines like me have to love anybody who defeats OSU time and time again ;)

  8. Yes.. Money will change hands and City Center will NOT go..
    90% if not the entire city is 'violating' some rule or the other and unless there is a deliberate and effective movement to have 'rule of law'.. they will continue to be violated and used arbitrarily.

    Buckeyes will bounce back.. till then mum is the word !!!

  9. Yeah, my brother told about this place. And said its very good buildign. As we know, even some time before saravana stores, jayachandran textiles were also not following the standards. But they didn't demolish those buildings. Even this building is not going to get demolished for sure.

    ~ RaJ