Tuesday, April 10, 2007

(Un)Intended Benefits of being a ChennaiRunner

If you thought being a ChennaiRunner will only help you stay healthy and get you new friends you are wrong!.. Did you know, it could get admission for your kid in elite schools in Chennai? You are curious now right? Read on..

Chari*, one of regular ChennaiRunners has been running helter-skelter for the coveted Pre-KG admission for his kid. This became the most important activity of his family and consumed the entire family since last December. Chari tried all known tricks in the book including standing in a queue for 48 hours so that he could be the first to receive the application which would guarantee (so he was told) admission in to Vidya Mandir. He got the first application all right but still couldn't get a seat for his kid.

Chari had lost all hopes of getting admission for his kid and had reconciled to living in the doghouse for the rest of his life, that when being a ChennaiRunner came to his rescue...

Having run through the list of schools given by his wife, Chari tried the last one on the list pinned all his hope on that one. He prayed all his favorite and not so favorite Gods as he nervously took his kid for the dreaded interview. After a long and arduous wait, they were called in for the interview and that's where the miracle happened..

As Chari stepped in to the interview room, one interview panelists and the big boss (literally and figuratively) wondered aloud as to Chari being very familiar. Chari slowly sank low in his chair trying to hide and worrying what 'being familiar' mean to getting his a seat in the school for his kid. After some deep thinking for several seconds (which appeared like eternity for Chari), the stern looking Big boss smiled mentioned of frequently seeing Chari running with a weird looking belt (fuel belt) with bunch of (Chennai)runners.

Think what you may, but that acknowledgment sealed the deal and rest of the interview was a mere formality. (That's my story and I am sticking to it..)

Needless say, Chari is now a proud parent having secured admission for his kid in this prestigious school in South Madras and has since moved back in to his home from the doghouse.

So my friends, start running for your kids (or grand kids) sake if not for your health.. it does have some (un)intended benefits..

Happy Running..

*Name Changed.