Thursday, March 22, 2007

Travelog # 29 - MLA Pesarattu

Have you heard of MLA Pesaratu? I heard, saw and ate it for the first time in Hyderabad last night.

I had no idea as to what it was when I asked for it in Chutneys. I ordered for it purely based on order taker's advise and out of my curiosity. When I was served with it, it looked like a typical Masala Dosa and for a minute thought it was just another type of Masala Dosa. But quickly saw the difference as I started munching away.

It is like Masala Dosa but the stuffing is Upma instead of Aloo curry and the Dosa mix felt different too. But it looked and tasted like Dosa and Upma and was delicious and filling. But why in the world is it called MLA Pesarattu? I asked the Hotel guys and they didn't know and even googling didn't help.

Do you know why a Upma stuffed Dosa is called MLA Pesarattu?


  1. Let me take a guess..
    we expect something out of them.. but got something else..!! :-)

  2. Heard from relative of Karim Nagar MLA (Srinivas of Dallas, TX) that it was invented at Hyderabad Assembly, where Mysoora Reddy was always in a hurry to have the Upma and the Pesarattu Dosa (Pesar Pappu - Green Gram) before 11 AM for the assembly - in a hurry, so the MLA has it together - hence the name.

    Ofcourse, there could be other version/stories too!


  3. Pesarattu is typical Andhra delicacy and is a dosa made with Green Grams. It is usually served with Ginger Chutney to add to the taste.

    MLA pesarattu is a popular name for the combination of Upma and the dosa.

    Columbus Rao

  4. I just googled for pesarattu on the net and found that the Andhra Pradesh govt has been trying to put our MLA pesarattu on the culinary map of India. Read more..

    "The nomenclature comes from the unique brunch that combines a pesarattu dosai with uppma and a potato curry. This, I am told, was the invention of a chef in Hyderabad, who wished to eliminate mealtime delays that would eat into the busy schedule of law-makers!"


    Unlike idli-sambar or masala-dosa or Uttappams, which also follow the same 'soak dal-make batter' rule the main difference with pesarattu is the batter does not need to ferment. That makes it a very easy breakfast. All it needs is a little planning to soak the lentils in water the previous night.

  5. Columbus Rao and Vijay are correct. Dosa made with moong dal is more of proteins than say our regular dosas made of Rice.

    Try regular Pesarattu next time.

    I had the MLA one and the regular ones in Tarnaka when I was a student at CIEFL, Hyd. And then irani chai during midnight in the campus of Osmania Univ. My college mate was a school friend of Azharuddin ! Those were fun days...

  6. He..He..

    My guess - It is not was possiblily...aemi...le pesarattu ( as in..It's nothing but Pesarattu) ..which became MLA pesarattu.!! ( I know a little telugu now..thanks to where I am working!!..It's a Mini-Andhra)