Thursday, March 22, 2007

Congratulations Mr. Karunanidhi, but when are you going to retire?

Mr. Karunadhi, the undisputed leader of one of the largest Dravidan parties of Tamil Nadu is celebrating his golden jubilee in political arena. This is no ordinary achievement. Time and time again, Mr. Karunanidhi has shown he is a true survivor in a landscape that is strewn with political land mine.

Right from Mr. Annadurai days, he has astutely sidelined his competition and ensured he survived at all costs. Whether it was Mr.Neduenchezian, MGR or Vaiko, Mr. Karunanidhi has outsmarted them all in his long political career which seems to be going on like the energizer bunny.

While, I applaud and congratulate Mr.Karunanidhi for remaining undefeated at the hustings, I also think it is time for him to retire graciously, even if it means handing over the regime to his son or daughter.