Thursday, March 22, 2007

Congratulations Mr. Karunanidhi, but when are you going to retire?

Mr. Karunadhi, the undisputed leader of one of the largest Dravidan parties of Tamil Nadu is celebrating his golden jubilee in political arena. This is no ordinary achievement. Time and time again, Mr. Karunanidhi has shown he is a true survivor in a landscape that is strewn with political land mine.

Right from Mr. Annadurai days, he has astutely sidelined his competition and ensured he survived at all costs. Whether it was Mr.Neduenchezian, MGR or Vaiko, Mr. Karunanidhi has outsmarted them all in his long political career which seems to be going on like the energizer bunny.

While, I applaud and congratulate Mr.Karunanidhi for remaining undefeated at the hustings, I also think it is time for him to retire graciously, even if it means handing over the regime to his son or daughter.


  1. Indian politicians never retire.. i think whats to blame is the entertainment industry..In the western countries old people have stuff to do when they golf, travel, books..etc In India, you just sit at all these oldies prefer sitting at work than at home. They just sit anyway..
    ( same case for those generals in pak).. we need to make Golf popular!!

  2. According to an urban legend, an astrologer has predicted that Karunanidhi will die when he is in power (aAtchi). I figure this term of his is as good as any for him to "permanently retire."

  3. Well who will want to see sons fighting out after giving the throne (where it gets alternated in elections) and if the daughter of the Thunaiviar, Kanimozhi, coming to power, if only Aravind (second or third husband) allows it...

    People of Tamilnadu have no options, who always choose the best among the worst in a given time.

    I have the best regards and learn a bit on leadership and power from the life of Mu.Ka.

    His life is always well summed up by Dear Cho. "Family comes first, then the state!"

    Well keep watching Iruvar!

  4. May he live long ..(in heaven, that is)

  5. Well,
    To sum up Dear Cho, Caste comes first, then people. This is as good as taking JJ's words seriously.

    So I guess, family is more acceptable. Though, certainly, Karunanidhi is just a dead battery with his family doing the charging. It's more than time for him to retire, any which way it comes:-)

    God help TN people if any existing politicians come to power. But I doubt KK's children will hold much muscle-power among commoners. Though I may be wrong. After all, if JJ can last this long with her relationship with MGR, then what can one say about the minds of the masses.


  6. Wishing retirement while living is one thing and death as retirement is another thing. Why would we wish Mr. Karunanidh death? Let him retire and still contribute to the welfare of poor and needy as long as God will let him live.


  7. Thi.Mu.Ka is Thirukkuvalai Muthuvel Karunanidhi..

  8. Politics and Retirement cannot be in same sentences, specially in India.

    I always wonder, so much parties/people fighting each other to service people..!!;) we in sideline watching that and believing that to be true.

  9. M.Karunanidhi's entire family is a group of scoundrals. He is one of the most immoral politicians in recent history. Do you have any comparison to M.K? and his family?
    Look at the number of official wifes he has got and the umpteen number of children through umpteen number of wifes. Or for the matter his rowdy and hooligan sons stalin and Azhagiri, who is almost an emperor of Madurai and southern districts of tamil nadu (now Dy CM of tamil nadu and Union cabinet minister !!!) respectively. And look at kanimozhi, one of his daughters who is also a Rajya sabha MP !!!! . Look at the number of husbands she has, I mean official(The first one from sivakasi and the second one from singapore !!!) WHat a shame !!!
    What is our necessity to support him to support his rather large immoral family? Does he have any moral rights to preach anyone about anything. He is a spineless atheist. Why he does not find fault with islamic customs and Gods or for that matter about Christians and their God. Only Hindus are spineless and do not have the guts to oppose him. It is the pathetic state of affairs in our country and especially the state of Tamil Nadu.