Friday, February 09, 2007

Savvy Marketing

Now.. I call this savvy marketing.

What can get more and differentiated visibility when the space is crowded and the time is limited? Get a high profile guy to do something with your product, which will auto-magically get lot of free ink and media time.

That is exactly what Lockheed Martin did by getting Ratan Tata to fly its F16 when the entire aviation world seem to have assembled in Bangalore.

To counter Russia's historical advantage, Boeing has offered to produce the F/A-18F jointly with an Indian company. Lockheed scored public-relations points by recruiting Ratan Tata, a billionaire Indian industrialist and amateur pilot, to fly in an F-16 at the air show.


  1. How so ?

    Aging fighter designed in the 20th century sold to prop up shaky regimes & generals to fly the chief of
    India's primo industrial empire ?

    It would have been 'savvy' if they brought in a 'raptor' and flew
    Sania Mirza!

  2. My take is its a 'marketing activity' to create a buzz (free buzz) about LockHeed and F16 / F18.. and it worked..

  3. But Why would Rata Tata risk his life, unless he personally gains out of this?


  4. High profile celebrities always helped to get the media attention and publicity not only in India but also in all so called developed countries too. Lockheed Martin knew which button to press. They are famous in flouting laws and generating government support.


  5. Vijay
    Don't know about the risk part of it.. these have been around for a while and Lockheed must have taken all kinds of precautions..

    Yes.. this ploy worked and they got lot of free print..(including mine for what its worth..)