Saturday, February 17, 2007


Nope.. It is not Business To Business.. Answer in the end

It has been a week since I got back to Chennai and haven't found time to do any posts.. but several interesting things have happened Tamil Nadu and here is my take on it..

What will Ms. Jayalalithaa do?
Three innocent girls were burnt to death the ruffians of the political class who have scant respect for the law and order. In Feb 2000, they burnt down a bus and three young girls with it merely because their leader was convicted by a court (which was overturned by the superior court).

After seven years, three AIADMK workers have been awarded death penalty and 25 others lesser sentences. Even though the justice system took its time, it has spoken forcefully and has sent strong signals to hooligans who might be tempted to resort to violence.

Now all eyes are on Ms. Jayalalithaa waiting to see what her response is going to be on this verdict. After all, this gruesome act was done because in her name.

Ms. Jayalalithaa has kept a studied silence about the verdict but will have to react sooner or later. Will she put her money power behind her party men and hire legal fire power to take the case all the way up to Supreme Court or will she disown her party men.

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  1. Politicians should take the overall public interest and safety as their priority no matter what their party affiliation is? I hope Jayalalitha does not condone the inhuman behavior of her fanatical party followers who engage in criminal actitivies and go to the extreme of destroying public property and killing innocent public during their expression of opposition to ruling party. All power hungry financially strong politicians and rich people subvert the legal sytem by challenging the verdict of lower court to High/Supreme court.