Saturday, January 20, 2007

You Have My Vote

You Have My Vote
Hillary Clinton has finally made the long awaited announcement and joined the 2008 Presidential fray. Many people, even democrats are skeptical about her winnability as many of her views tend to polarize opponents and the supporters alike.

But I believe, She has the intelligence and the intellect to be the President. She made history by becoming a Senator as the first lady, Now I hope she becomes the first women President of USA.

We don't know who will finally get the Republican ticket, but wouldn't it be great if Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton fight it out in the 2008 Presidential elections? It would be record of sorts.

Regardless, Dear Mrs. Clinton, I wish you the very best in this grueling race and hope you make it through the democratic preliminaries and eventually become the next President. You have my vote.


  1. Americans should remember that unlike the Presidency in India, Presidency in US is post with full power and not a titular head. America might be better off to look beyond the first woman president or black president and elect someone who has the potential to lead them out of the quagmire that it finds itself in. Hillary is in the bottom of my list. she for 1 supported the war in Iraq. Obama is slightly better but my choice would be Bill Richardson.

  2. Raman
    Yes.. Democrats have choice of firsts in this election.. a woman, a black or hispanic.. what an opportunity to make a difference... I hope Hillary makes the cut..

    Yes.. Hillary Clinton is a polarizing figure.. but I believe, she has what it takes to lead from the front..