Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ran Mumbai Marathon

Ran Mumbai half marathon in Chennai..

I had decided to not to participate in the Mumbai Marathan due to the late start time. But I am glad I ran at least half marathon, albeit in Chennai today. We did our usual weekend run and I was planning to stop around 18.5 kms like last week, but Shahid's gentle nudge helped me complete half marathon and possibly a little more. Another incentive was to shorten the wait time for the opening of Anna University cafeteria.

Shahid & I did around 21.5 kms in approximately 2:10 and waited near the cafeteria for it open at 7:30AM. But they did not ring their customary 'bell' even past 7:35 AM. To our chagrin, we learnt that the opening time has been moved to 8:00 AM on Sundays. That was a big let down for us, who were salivating for the hot Pongal, Vada & Idli after the run.

However, we had the satisfaction of running at least half marathon on the same day as Mumbai Marathon and inched our way back home.