Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ran Mumbai Marathon

Ran Mumbai half marathon in Chennai..

I had decided to not to participate in the Mumbai Marathan due to the late start time. But I am glad I ran at least half marathon, albeit in Chennai today. We did our usual weekend run and I was planning to stop around 18.5 kms like last week, but Shahid's gentle nudge helped me complete half marathon and possibly a little more. Another incentive was to shorten the wait time for the opening of Anna University cafeteria.

Shahid & I did around 21.5 kms in approximately 2:10 and waited near the cafeteria for it open at 7:30AM. But they did not ring their customary 'bell' even past 7:35 AM. To our chagrin, we learnt that the opening time has been moved to 8:00 AM on Sundays. That was a big let down for us, who were salivating for the hot Pongal, Vada & Idli after the run.

However, we had the satisfaction of running at least half marathon on the same day as Mumbai Marathon and inched our way back home.


  1. 2.10 hr for 21.5 km is very good for an amateur. It is very interesting to see that you not only are always looking for opportunity to engage in activities your passion carries you, but also are actively doing it. Good job and keep up the passion. We are proud for you.


  2. Hi Ram!

    Good run this!! As always!!

    Hope to join you guys soon!


  3. I'm really sorry, I couldn't make it for the weekend run due to tight schedule. Haven't been running much for the last 3 weeks. Will join you for sure this weekend

  4. Hari

    You better.. I hope your 'admission' interviews are over by now.. and your son got in to school of your choice..

  5. KK

    Good to see you participated and completed Mumbai Marathon.. Hats off to your 'never say die' spirit..

  6. Raman
    Thanks.. I love running and hope I can do it for many years to come..