Thursday, January 11, 2007

Will The Haggling End?

After much delay, Auto fares have been revised in Chennai but will it stop the haggling and harassment that Chennaites are put through everyday by the Autos?

The fare revision was long over due but the real issue is in enforcement. Chennai Autos are a law unto themselves and are used to charging at will. If they can be made to follow the rules of the engagement, it will go a long way all around.

There is some disagreement between the Government and the Auto drivers. I don't even mind fixing the fares as asked by the Auto drivers, as long as it will be followed.

Let us hope, Auto drivers will mend their ways and Tamil Nadu will make sure they do.


  1. Ram, Iam highly sceptical. These rates , though one of the highest in the country, are far lower tan what these Auto guys in Chennai charge currently.We are charged approx Rs.12/ km for short distances and Rs.9-10/- for longer ones. It will be back to the days of "soodu" meter....

  2. Arvind

    I am of the same view as well.. but I wonder how the 'Soodu' will reappear in electronic meters.. which are supposed to 'tamper proof'..