Thursday, January 11, 2007

iPhone - Game Changer?

Steve Jobs announced the much awaited iPhone early this week and it has been getting lot of good press. Some folks are predicting that just as iPod changed the way we consume music, iPhone will change the way in which we think of phone.

I have been reading about iPhone for a few days now, but only today I got to look at a video. Man.. it looks cool. It is an iPod, photo album, camera and a phone all without a keypad. The design looks sleek and and comes with the largest screen on a phone device yet. The navigation system is radically different from that of the existing iPod.

Now the question, can Steve get us to cough up USD 500 for such neat device scheduled to come out in June. If stock market is any indication, then Steve would. But, before Steve could come after our wallet, he should overcome Cisco's lawsuit on the name iPhone itself.

Take a look at this short CBS Clip


  1. Visu,
    Really a cool device. Especially the advancement in the sensors to zoom using your fingers on the screen is amazing.

    - Laks Sankaran.

  2. Lakshmi..
    Yes.. its a cool device.. Pricing is kind of steep.. but shall see..