Monday, December 04, 2006

Singapore Marathon - A Quick Update

I was going to do this post with some photos and stuff.. but lost the pictures and video due to user error. I am going to try and recover from this goof up and do a post with pictures and stuff, but in the meanwhile, here is a brief update.

In one word Singapore Marathon 2006 was AWESOME. The great Singaporean efficiency was evident everywhere, from bib collection to route to water facilities to post marathon party. They have thought of everything. One day, I hope Chennai will also conduct a world class marathon like Singapore. I am willing to go bat for this and shameless ape Singapore, Any volunteers?

Now, coming to my performance.
I went in with a target of bettering my previous Singapore attempt (4:49:01), but I will have to report that I did not pass. Simply put, I lost the mind game. Though, I did not have any great physical discomforts during the run, I simply didn't have the mental grit to drive all the demons away.

I couldn't have asked for a better course or for that matter better weather. The course was flat and easy to run. The weather was overcast, pleasant and even drizzled mildly. Yet, I took around 5:15. I will revert back with exact time in a day or two, when the chip timings get published at the Singapore Marathon site.


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  2. Ravi

    Yes.. I am fortunate just to be able to take part in events like this..