Monday, December 04, 2006

OfficeRecovery To The Rescue

More aptly it should read Hari & Ramki to the rescue. They helped me recover from the user error.

Hari connected me to Ramki who pointed me to OfficeRecovery. With remote help from Ramki, I downloaded the freeUndelete program and recovered the files I had erroneously deleted just a few hours back.

This timely assistance helped me save a few bucks and more importantly saved me a trek to Parrys Corner and one half day. I had tentatively planned to go to this company called Black & White data recovery services tomorrow in Parrys and try my luck. In my initial conversations with them, they wanted me to remove the hard drive from my machine and give it to them to run some specialized software to recover lost files. Before I did that, I thought of Hari, as he runs a company and may have come across issues like this. That hunch worked and saved me money, time and energy. Thanks Hari & Ramki..


  1. Ram,

    No need to thank. It was a just a phone call for me

  2. Hari

    Thanks where it is due man.. btw: I went back to the camera SD card and retrieved the files..

  3. Hi, can you give me the contact number of Black & white data recovery services, Parrys,Chennai &
    SMS it to 98404 04597

  4. Subramanian

    Sorry.. I don't have the # anymore..

  5. we v=an use getdataback software to all the deleted data from the hardware. The size of the software is only 252kb and no need to install just double click and enjoy it. If your hard disk is with noise and not detecting then cover it with plastic cover and keep in freezer for 30 min then take out get connect with system it should.