Friday, December 29, 2006

Murder For Mobile?

This case shocked the Chennai..

Yes.. Three teenagers brutally murdered a 11 year old boy, Arvind apparently to buy mobile phones and for to party for the new year.

The quick apprehension of the alleged culprits by Chennai Police, does bring some relief to the shell shocked middle class core of Chennai. However, the culprits will be let off lightly as they will only be tried in a juvenile court where the maximum sentence is 3 years. This is just a slap in the wrist for the grievous crime committed by the teenagers, aged between 15 - 17.

I believe, it is time for India and Tamil Nadu to revisit the juvenile laws and make necessary amendments such that some teenagers can be tried as adults depending on the nature of the crime and on a case by case basis.


  1. It is unfortunate a young life was sacrificed at the alter of greed for money. Parents of the three offenders must also be tried as they also have responsibility for the acts of the minor children. Money brings monkey brain in humans and this is nourished in them by parents.

    Heinous crimes irrespective of who did it must be tried as adults and justice rendered.

  2. one Q - why do u say India and TamilNadu? isn't Tamilnadu part of India.I would be happy if the intention was to show center and state level laws instead..

  3. Amol
    State & Federal governments have separate laws..