Thursday, October 19, 2006

Who is responsible?

Who is responsible for the untimely and tragic death of Nandini,a 4 year old girl for whom it was just another playful day at school?
  1. Is it the teacher/s who slipped in their responsibility?
  2. Is it the DAV School authorities who seem to have misled the parents?
  3. Is it the Chennai City which is delinquent in putting proper safety measures around the unused shallow pond?
Regardless, a young kid's life has been lost and the various stake holders are blaming each other. What is troubling me is the fact that, there will no consequence and various parties move on, but for the parents who lost their dear one, it is life long agony.


  1. Shocking!Really shocking..The blame game will continue for a while and then totally die down!

  2. The City needs to sued the heck out. surprised the parents blame DAV.

  3. The truth will never come out. Its sad that a child's life was lost in someone's carelessness.

    BTW have blogrolled U.

  4. Felt very sad to read this.

    Hmm..what can I say about 'Accountability'..!

    Shame on the authorities.

  5. Heights of sadness. Until there is accountability, these kinds of negligence and avoidable accidents are prone to happen...
    - Laks Sankaran.

  6. Okay even after reading that news item I have no idea what happened. All I know now is that 4yr old Nandini of DAV died. Based on what you have written and some pieces in the news article I assume that she drowned in some pond.

    But this shoddy all round including reporting.

  7. I strongly believe the school is totally accountable for this tragic death. May be due to the fact that the school is a high profile school, they can try and put the blame back on the parents. In any case, whoever was supposed to take care of the child was careless & that is the only reason this has happened. Knowing the behaviour of children, the school / who ever was supervising the children, should have paid more attention. Hence the school / staff who behaved irresponsibly should pay the price.

  8. Ayshu
    Yes.. we have already moved on to the next disaster..

    Sue the city... ? Nothing will come out of it..School is responsible.. but School will go scott free as well..


    yes, I also believe it is the school authorities.. but knowing the local conditions.. there will be no consequences for them..

    Narayanan / Laks
    Very Sad..

    yes.. parents are responsible but who took them to the park? it was the school.. and the park was in bad condition..

    Sorry if the post wasn't clear.. it was about a young girl going to a park and getting drowned while under school custody..

    Yes.. I agree

  9. I hear that the school and teachers have been absolved and some poor Ayah who went along on the trip is the only one being held accountable by the authorities...

  10. Anonymous
    Hmm.. sad to hear that.. system would find some scapegoat who has very little resource to defend themselves.. The responsibility to lies from the teacher to school to the city..