Sunday, October 22, 2006

R2I # 7 - How To Decide?

There is no magic formula....

Yesterday, I was talking to one my friends who is currently in US and the discussion invariably ended up in the R2I area. I know him since our college days and we discussed various aspects of R2I. It became quite clear that he is currently going through the agonizing decision making process.

This family is considering and mulling over the usual things such as: Jobs, schools, real estate, financial viability and stuff. While these are the major areas of consideration for many R2I families, how they view and prioritize each of these things is quite different.

There is no magic formula, but putting the reasons, concerns in paper will be a good starting point. By putting things down, it immensely helps in getting clarity on many things that were just clouding the R2I considerations.

If financial issues are of concern, start writing down what exactly are the issues, . current financial position, start up costs in India, monthly expense etc. Don't worry about getting it wrong as it is an iterative process.

If Schooling is of concern, then put down the schools you have heard and start narrowing the list down by talking to your friends, family and the schools directly.

The list can go on to jobs, locations, housing etc., depending on individual family focus..

My point is, The most important thing in R2I is making decisions within a finite time frame and moving on with life. While any decision is welcome, indecisiveness is not. Keeping this R2I thing open for an inordinate period of time is bound cause friction and uneasiness in the family.

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