Sunday, October 22, 2006

No Execuses

This is what a fellow runner I met in Anna University told us..

I along with few other ChennaiRunners were in Anna University, doing our weekly run and met this amazing guy. In fact, we have been tracking him for a few weeks now, he is always there chugging along the 400 meter oval like an energiser bunny.

Today, I ran a little bit with him to get acquainted and what I learnt completely floored me. This gentleman, Mr. KannagaSabaPathy, is a retired judge and runs 10 kms every day. He comes to Anna University grounds around 5:00 AM everyday and runs 25 laps. After this, he does asanas for about an hour at home. What amazed me was his ability to keep chugging along at a good pace even at 75. Yes, he is 75 years old and runs 10 kms every day plus 60 minutes of Asanas...

After the run, he caught up with us and showed some us some pictures from a national asana competition. I claim to do asanas, but they are child's play compared to what I saw in those those pictures. Hats off to you Mr. KanagaSabaPathy..

Now, ChennaiRunners and others,.. Start Running.. make is part of your eco-system.. As Mr. KanagaSabaPathy says.. No Excuses.. for not taking care of your health..

Update #1
A strory in New Indian Express / City Express today (Oct 24, 06) about Mr. Kannagasabapathy