Sunday, September 17, 2006

Water Scarcity In Dallas

My friends in Plano, TX tell me they are experiencing severe water shortage resulting in restrictions imposed on their water usage pattern. There is still plenty of water to go around for all household essentials and even for their swimming pool.

So what restriction are they talking about?
  1. Can't water their lawns daily..
  2. Can't wash their cars..
  3. Can't wash their homes or side walks..
Hmm.. It's all relative my friend.....

(PS: It's raining in Dallas now and I am going to take the credit for it...!!!)


  1. It is very common in U.S during summer time when the rain fall is shorter than expected to send advisory to all households about the restriction in the use of water for sprinklers, car washing, etc. Every state still will have enough water for, as said rightly, household, swimming pool, etc.

  2. There are four seasons in TX : Hot, hotter, hottest & warm.
    I used to live in plano,tx prior to the tech-crash and water conservation is the norm.

  3. Raman & Venky

    I was trying to contrast the Plano, TX situation with Chennai.